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Ingredients: GABA, Passion Flower Herb Extract, Kava Kava Root, Bacopia Leaf
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WE HAD TO RAISE OUR PRICES ON THE INDIVIDUAL BOTTLES TO $27.99ea. We now offer a six-pack (6 bottles of Securus) at a 20% discount.  You save over $33!

Do you suffer from panic or anxiety? Does it hit you like a lightning strike or does it build so that you spend the majority of your day stressed out? Do you want to feel less anxious by taking a natural remedy? SECURUS is the answer. We have all been there. Everyday life can make you stressed and anxious. But what happens when your anxiety runs out of control and you start to experience constant anxiety and panic? What do you do when days, weeks, or even months go by and it is simply not going away or getting better?

Anxiety can ruin our relationships, our friendships, our jobs and ultimately our lives. Dr. Anderson has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders for 20 years. He wanted to be able to recommend effective supplements and herbs to patients who did not want to take prescription medication so he began reading the most sophisticated research studies available. He found that certain herbal, vitamin and amino acid interventions were consistently shown to reduce anxiety.

These ingredients are the foundation of Securus. Securus is the natural anxiety relief supplement that works quickly, with virtually no side effects. It harnesses the power of natural interventions to provide the sense of calm everyone deserves. Manufactured in the USA, the ingredients in Securus have all been shown to have strong anti-anxiety effects and are non-addictive. Securus will promote a feeling of wellness and calm quickly (in some cases as fast as 20 minutes) that is long lasting.

When you purchase Securus, you will receive a bottle of 90 capsules. Orders ship within 3 business day.

You may take Securus daily or on an as needed basis.

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DR. RECOMMENDED! REDUCES PANIC, ANXIETY & STRESS. Creates inner peace and allows you to live life without feeling trapped or as if you are just existing.


Worrying and racing thoughts are symptoms with anxiety that can aggravate people the most. Securus helps block racing thoughts.


If you have trouble falling asleep, Securus will help your mind relax so you can get to sleep quicker and easier.


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